The Law of Attraction – Science or Fiction?

There has been a ton of content released on the Law of Attraction that garnered national attention after the movie “The Secret” was released by Rhonda Byrne. Come share your ideas of the Law of Attraction and if works in your life.

A Soldiers Surprise Return Home to his Children

Watch this touching video of a soldiers return home and his reunion with his children. The sacrifices that our soldiers make for our safety are incredible…My thoughts and prayers are with them…

Amazing Bicycle Skills – Danny MacAskill

Amazing video of Danny MacAskill performing some incredible bicycle moves. Music: The Funeral, provided by Band of Horses.

Taylor Swift – Crazier

Taylor Swift’s performance of Crazier in the movie Hannah Montana: The Movie was an excellent combination of linking a music video to a popular movie.

Why I want Susan Boyle to Succeed

There are a lot of very personal reasons why I want Susan Boyle to achieve — partly because I think there is a little bit of Susan Boyle in me

Wicked Review – Capital Theatre in Salt Lake City

Review of the Broadway Musical Wicked performed in Salt Lake City at the Capital Theater.

Paul Potts Sings Nessun Dorma on Britain’s Got Talent

Paul Pott’s sings Nessun Dorma on Britain’s Got Talent. This is an amazing performance from a humble, quiet, unassuming gentleman who knocks the socks off the judges of Britain’s Got Talent

Jason McElwain – Autistic Basketball Player

An inspirational story about an autistic young man named Jason McElway from Greece Athena High School who scored six three pointers in the last game of the season and ended up with 20 points in the game.

Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent

On my way home from work tonight, I was clued in by the radio announcer about a must see video on You Tube. He was talking about a Lesson that teaches itself. One that he can just sit his kids down and have them watch it and he didn’t even have to preach the lessons […]

Lead Kindly Light

Song of inspiration as a family member battles cancer