Jason McElwain – Autistic Basketball Player

My family loves basketball. All five of our children play and we love to watch it as well.

We saw this inspirational story about a young man named Jason McElwain from Greece Athena High School who scored six three pointers in the last game of the season and ended up with 20 points in the game.  What makes this story special is that Jason suffers from Autism.

Jason loves basketball.  He helped with the team and serves as the basketball team manager.  He is an enthusiastic part of the program and is so devoted to the team.

The last game of the season, the coach decided to let Jason suit up for the game.  With 4 minutes to go, the coach put Jason into the game.  The crowd in the background as Jason enters the game is going crazy!  He missed the first 2 shots that he took, but he made his third shot – a three pointer – and the crowd went wild again!  Every time he shot his teammates and crowd went wild!  At the end of the game, the crowd stormed the floor to cheer for this special young man!

What a classy studentbody! The acceptance, support and love of this young man is incredible. I just wish that I can be so accepting of other peoples differences.

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Basketball image courtesy of StuSeeger