Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent

Susan Boyle - Britain's Got TalentOn my way home from work tonight, I was clued in by the radio announcer about a must see video on You Tube. He was talking about a Lesson that teaches itself. One that he can just sit his kids down and have them watch it and he didn’t even have to preach the lessons of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” and “It’s what is inside that counts”.

The video is of Susan Boyle and her performance on Britain’s Got Talent.

The first time I saw Susan sing, I was impressed so much by her spunky attitude and personality. Her interview before the show was very personal and close to the heart where she even revealed that she had never even been kissed.

The new internet sensation, Susan Boyle has already been watched by millions of people online, with the performance available on You Tube and Yahoo! Video.

Her performance of “I Dreamed A Dream” inspired the audience and the viewers as evidenced by the thousands of comments on the videos cheering her efforts.

She definitely is getting some publicity with radio programs and TV Stations clamoring to get an interview.

I applaud the efforts of Susan and every other person who has a dream and is not afraid to go after it!

What did you think of Susan’s performance? Watch it and let us know…