Wicked Review – Capital Theatre in Salt Lake City

Wicked Musical ReviewMy wife and I went and saw the Broadway Musical Wicked last night in Salt Lake City at the Capital Theatre. I wasn’t able to get tickets when they went on sale, so I bought some off of the local classifieds section. I had heard that it was getting rave reviews and my wife loves the theater, so I thought she would appreciate going to the show.

We got to the theater about 10 minutes before the show started and my wife let me know that she had to get a T-Shirt from the show. We decided to get it early, and it is a good thing because the lines during the intermission and after the show were really long.

I had never heard anything about the show other than it is the Untold Story of the Witches of the Wizards of Oz, so my expectations were wide open going into Act 1.

The Capital Theatre was decked out with a huge dragon hanging over the stage. When we got there, a huge map of the Land of Oz was the curtain, with Emerald City bathed in green light in the center of the map.

I won’t describe the story so I won’t ruin the evening of someone who hasn’t seen the show, but the show was incredible. The costumes were so elaborate, the dancers were excellent, and the lead actresses who played Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch had the most amazing voices.

The choreography was captivating and the props were very well done. I especially liked Glinda’s bubble and the Wizard of Oz. They added so much to the show.

I had a couple of favorite parts. The first is the performance of the song Popular.


and the second was the performance of Defying Gravity. Check it out on the Tony Awards:


and finally, the song “For Good”. Great song!


I would highly recommend attending this show! I can see why it is so popular. We loved it. As I was writing this post, and was trying to find video clips to include in the post, both my 16 year old son and my 14 year old daughter were both singing the songs. I am going to have to take them to the show…

I am amazed at the talent that exists in the world.  There are people that are so incredibly talented in so many ways.  I am so glad that they share their gifts with the rest of us…


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    Great posting. Wicked is an amazing show! I took my whole family to see it in NYC a coupe years ago. I hope this isn’t intruding but if you would like to hear more about Broadway shows in Salt Lake City and connect with other like-minded folks please check out the community I created on facebook – Broadway in Utah. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Salt-Lake-City-UT/Broadway-in-Utah/74479071436?ref=ts

  2. i love that show!