The Law of Attraction – Science or Fiction?

There has been a ton of content released on the Law of Attraction that garnered national attention after the movie “The Secret” was released by Rhonda Byrne. Come share your ideas of the Law of Attraction and if works in your life.

Jason McElwain – Autistic Basketball Player

An inspirational story about an autistic young man named Jason McElway from Greece Athena High School who scored six three pointers in the last game of the season and ended up with 20 points in the game.

It is what is inside that counts – Gold Wrapping Paper

My 14 year old daughter passed this story along to me. She is a sweetheart and very tender hearted. I hope that I can always appreciate all that is on the inside. Gold Wrapping Paper I received this story from a friend who had a choice to make. It said that I had a choice […]

Triathalon Inspiration – Dick and Rick Hoyt

I saw this video and I was floored.  Here is a father with the goal to integrate the handicapped into every day life.  He has created an organization called Team Hoyt to educate the able bodied on the challenges faced by the handicapped every day.  The organization also focuses on integrating the handicapped into events […]